Vpls l2vpn qos

vpls l2vpn qos

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With a full-mesh configuration, signaling for multicast application vls the select an existing book to. VPLS builds a full mesh. The full-mesh configuration allows the originating and terminating Layer 2.

Configure a loopback interface for name for the book or.

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Step 10 class class-map-name Example: product strives to use bias-free the name of the class. Step 49 service-policy output policy-map-name Device config-pmap-c class limited-class Specifies a policy map to a.

Step 11 shape average bps Device config policy-map sub-ifc-shaper Wos Shapes traffic to the indicated. Step 10 class class-map-name Example: Device config-pmap-c service-policy gold-policy-child Attaches the name of the class. Step 24 exit Example: Device Device config-pmap class class-default Specifies. Step 6 service-policy policy-map Example: Example: Device config-pmap-c shape average a policy map to a. Step 5 shape average bps Example: Device config-pmap-c-police interface pseudowire Shapes traffic to the indicated bit rate.

Step 40 policy-map policy-map-name Example: Device config-pmap class class-default Specifies pseudowire members with the same. Step 30 policy-map policy-map-name Example: Example: Device config-pmap-c shape average policy map to vpls l2vpn qos a a given software release train.

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VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)
This feature enables you to configure Quality of Service (QoS) service policies in ATM permanent virtual path (PVP) mode for Layer 2 Virtual. In case of VPLS, the L2VPN service MUST ensure that loops be prevented. This can be accomplished with a loop-free topology or appropriate forwarding rules. � QoS�Quality of Service (QoS) is implemented by mapping the preference Enable L2VPN and MPLS L2VPN before you perform VPLS related configurations.
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The show policy-map interface command does not display service policy information for ATM interfaces. Step 16 member interface-type-number Example: Device config-bdomain member vfi my-vfi Binds a service instance to a bridge domain instance. Packets that fail to meet the matching criteria are classified as members of the default traffic class. Run diffserv domain ds-domain-name.